from 4500 rubles/person
1 day (3-4 hours)
Year round

During the tour you will get acquainted with the culture and customs of Saami of Kola Peninsula and immerse to the atmosphere  of the north  indigenous.

The Saami led a semi-nomadic  way of life, moving together with their herds from place to place. Also the Sami were engaged in hunting, fishing, gathering berries.

In order to survive in harsh northern conditions, the Saami learned to subjugate the nature. For this, Saami shamans (Noida) performed secret mystical rites.

Даты заездов

Tour program

  1. The guide takes you from the hotel and after the tour delivers you back
  2. The start of the tour: at 13 am
  3. Travel time: 30-40 min, depends on weather and road conditions
  4. Excursion around the territory of the village
  5. Visiting of national homes - chooms and kuvaksas
  6. Feeding deer with yagel
  7. Lappish herbal tea and pie with cowberry in the guest house with a stove
  8. The Saami rites, with which shamans talk with spirits for hundreds of years. We’ll meditate under the ancient sounds of a harp
  9. Photos in national costumes of the Sami people
  10. Return to the hotel
Transfer from and to the airport
Free coffee
Free photos
Discounts for tour groups

The price includes

  • transportation: comfort car for 3-4 people
  • accompanying by a guide-photographer
  • photos of professional photo-guide
  • lunch
  • feeding reindeer
  • excursion to the Museum of the Kola Saami History

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Tour details

  1. During the excursion to the Saami village, you will learn a lot of interesting things about the north indigenous population, try the national cuisine and play national Sami games.
  2. You will immerse to the saami history, their way of life, attend the raising of the national flag, walk around the village, feed the deer, take a picture with them.
  3. In winter you can ride a snowmobile. 
  4. You ‘ll take pictures in the national dress. 
  5. You can buy amulets and crafts of masters of traditional disign.
  6. An unusual chooms, trimmed with the deer leather, will warm you with a real heater in the center and will be surprised with a warm and cozy atmosphere inside. The hostess of the park will tell you Saami legends, stories about the culture and traditions and show you real saami shaman’s rites.

Want to see?

Саамская деревня
Саамская деревня
Saami village
Saami village
Саамская деревня
Saami village
Саамская деревня
Saami village
Саамская деревня
Saami village
Саамская деревня
Saami village

You have to take

  • shoes for walking on rough terrain
  • windproof clothing
  • cash for Souvenirs
  • camera
  • in a good mood!



Arina Petrenko

This is by far the most unforgettable journey and experience of my life! We saw a very bright Northern light while we were there. It was magical!!!  We showed faith, a way of life of the Saami, prepared traditional soup with elk, and we went on a Reindeer! We stayed in a hotel in Murmansk.

Family Shevelevs

Unusual winter fun and fun games! I really liked it, great program and fantastic atmosphere! I recommend to all!

You should definitely visit, especially with children!

Irina Sergeeva

The allotted to get acquainted with the life of modern indigenous people of the far North flies unnoticed. Was the second time and the second time mentally rested. Petting zoo — Yes, a highlight))) the banana boat ride for an Amateur, but the girls were all happy! Be sure to come back again, thanks for the hospitality!

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