5000 rubles/person
3-5 hours

We go to the hunting from Murmansk. In the city it’s difficult to see Aurora, the conditions for observation are unfavorable  because of the plenty of city lights.

We set the date of the trip in advance and discuss it with you. To get to the tour, you need to contact us to set the date of your arrival.

When arriving  in Murmansk, you check in the hotel by yourself, in the evening we pick you up from your place of residence and go for the "hunting". At the end of the program we also deliver you to the hotel.

Даты заездов

Tour program

  1. Meeting guests at the hotel at 20:30
  2. Departure for the night "hunting" for the Northern Lights
  3. On the way we tell you a story about the Northern Lights: how it appears, the traditions and legends of the North people associated with the Northern Lights, modern ways of its studying and its impact on human life.
  4. Arrival at the observation site, instructing the group about the best way of making pictures.
  5. Observation of the northern lights, taking pictures.
  6. The way home. Return to Murmansk about 12pm-1am.
Transfer from and to the airport
Free coffee
Free photos
Discounts for tour groups

The price includes

  • transportation: comfort car for 3 people
  • accompanying by a guide-photographer
  • photos of professional photo-guide
  • hot tea, coffee, snacks during the tour
  • a set of necessary medicines (first-aid kit)

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Tour details

The Northern Lights is an amazing phenomenon of nature, a real pride of the Murmansk region. Every year thousands of tourists come  to the North hoping to see colorful flashes in the sky.

Science provides many definitions of this process. If you keep  to the definition, the Northern Lights (it is the Polar Lights, it's Aurora Borealis) is "the luminescence of the upper layers of atmospheres of planets that have a magnetosphere, due to their interaction with charged particles of the solar wind." That is, colored flashes in the sky are a direct result of the solar activity and solar wind.

Its appearance in the sky is the result of the coincidence of several factors, each of them is rather difficult to predict. The first parameter is solar activity. Strong flares on the Sun and ejection of charged particles towards the Earth are the first most important conditions for the appearance of the Northern Lights.

The second condition is  darkness outside and clear sky.

 If you see the stars in the black sky, you have good chances of catching the Northern Lights.
Having got the information  of our specialists, we go to  the observation places, most suitable for it, located outside the city of Murmansk (distance up to 50 km). On the way you will learn everything about the nature of the origin of this amazing phenomenon, you will be able to find it yourself in the sky and even get a photo to remember it.

Want to see?

Северное сияние
Northern lights
Северное сияние
Северное сияние
Северное сияние
Northern lights
Северное сияние
Northern lights
Северное сияние
Northern lights

You have to take

  • Comfortable clothes and shoes (!!!)
  • a camera, a video camera and a good mood



Anna M.

It has been exactly a month since our trip to the Kola Peninsula. I always knew that the North does not let go, I knew in Karelia, the White sea, the taiga, rocks and summer coolness. Kola for 9 days gave us the indescribable beauty of nature and so missing urban residents merge with nature. In our daily routine we forget what a real forest is, its smells, sounds and energy. Pathetic? That's possible. But from the heart and without falsehood.

I am sincerely grateful for comfortable conditions for Rest. Thank you to all who helped us in everything, all-all-all of you bow low and Thank you. I will recommend you, but not to everyone, but only to worthy people, real romantics.

Natalia and Oleg Kuznetsov

Once again, from the bottom of our hearts we would like to thank you and the whole team for the good-natured attitude, sincerity and excellent organization of the holiday. We wish you development, prosperity and success.

We understand what a huge labor force and, in General, the soul You have put in to create (just create) them all. Obviously, not everything is as simple as it seems, but believe me, it is visible and very much appreciated. Once again, thank you for everything.

I look forward to meeting and developing long-term relationships.

Any questions? Ask them!

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