From 6000 rubles/person.
One day (4-6 hours)
Year round

We’ll go on an excursion to Husky Park, where we will get acquainted with these sledding dogs, we will listen to the story about the breeding and taking care of them. You talk and take pictures with Husky, which greatly increases the tone.

In winter you follow the breeze across the fields in harnesses of Husky, trying  to ride  yourself. In summer  you can walk through  the forest in the cheerful company of these restless and energetic dogs. The length of the route is 5 km.

You will enjoy the northern forest’s views, and finally you will get delicious cookies and hot tea. The fresh air and active program will create a great mood!

Даты заездов

Tour program

  1. The guide takes you from the hotel and after the tour delivers you back
  2. Start of the tour: at 10 -12 am
  3. Travel time: 30-50 minutes, depends on weather and road conditions
  4. Communication with the Siberian husky
  5. Racing with Husky, 5km
  6. Return to the hotel
Transfer from and to the airport
Free coffee
Free photos
Discounts for tour groups

The price includes

  • transportation: comfort car for 3-4 people
  • accompanying by a guide-photographer
  • photos of professional photo-guide
  • hot tea, snacks during the tour

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Tour details

We invite everybody who shares our love and interest in the secrets of the northern nature, to take part in a trip to Husky Park, located 10 km from Murmansk.


* The visit dog’s nursery and an interesting story about the northern dogs and about the dog sledding races (we will get acquainted with the handsome Husky and with the real marathon sledding dogs)

We’ll see that these amazing dogs are incredibly sociable and cheerful, active and hardworking.

We’ll  look into their deep eyes and make many wonderful photos for remember them.

* demonstration of equipment for riding: instructor – kayury (dog driver) will show you cargo and sports sledges, they will open several sport secrets and will raise the mood with stories that sometimes happen on dog sledges)

* Instruction of sledges and dogs (in order that you could manage sledges with six strong and fast dog independently, it is necessary to understand the device of the sledges themselves and learn how to work with dogs - to learn some simple commands and to understand the harnesses)

* Dog sledding (the most fascinating and memorable part of the tour! Accompanied by the dog –driver  or along you will pass the distance of 5 km. The breathtaking start, the swift running of the harness and the beauty of the winter forest will leave in your memory one of the brightest impressions!)

* accompaniment of snowmobile with walkie-talkie on board

* delicious forest tea from a real Russian samovar on coals with baked goods (we will finish our tea-drinking party  in a friendly atmosphere.

You are a little bit  kayury now!

Husky is a breed of slegging dogs used to move over long distances. The people in Siberia used them to travel through the snowy fields and no other breed can compare with Husky's endurance.

Huskies are known for their extraordinarily friendly attitude to people and playful disposition. Rest in the company of these cute dogs raises mood and tone, and is also an excellent antidepressant.

Want to see?


You have to take

  • shoes for walking on rough terrain
  • windproof clothing
  • camera
  • in a good mood!



Elena I.


We have visited as if in Paradise Northern of nature. Children are happy, of course, dream to come back as soon as possible. Ear just the original and mulled wine just healing, it seems tasty I did not eat or drink. Huskies are magical animals like people. Never liked dogs, but huskies especially where the label Indie, there's a dark coat husky and blue eyes, he stood out from all, very calm, posed, when photographed, HANDSOME WITH a GLOSSY MAGAZINE COVER. Thank you very much for your attentiveness, kindness and warm hospitality. Be sure to come back if possible)



The other day we visited "Husky Park", going to go to the Kola Peninsula, we had two goals - to see the Northern lights and visit husky Park! Reading the description of the Park there is a feeling that this is a fabulous place! And in fact everything turned out exactly as it seemed! A beautiful place, friendly and hospitable hosts, ready to talk with boundless love about every corner of the Park, as they built everything with their own hands! Deer walking by themselves in the forest, and of course the huskies themselves! It's not the dog's! These are clots of happiness, energy, joy, love and friendliness! They will lick you from head to toe and will not rest until you pay attention to each of them!

Very happy to have visited this place! We will definitely come back at the first opportunity! We advise everyone to visit this place!

Any questions? Ask them!

Or come to our office!