Anna M.

It has been exactly a month since our trip to the Kola Peninsula. I always knew that the North does not let go, I knew in Karelia, the White sea, the taiga, rocks and summer coolness. Kola for 9 days gave us the indescribable beauty of nature and so missing urban residents merge with nature. In our daily routine we forget what a real forest is, its smells, sounds and energy. Pathetic? That's possible. But from the heart and without falsehood.

I am sincerely grateful for comfortable conditions for Rest. Thank you to all who helped us in everything, all-all-all of you bow low and Thank you. I will recommend you, but not to everyone, but only to worthy people, real romantics.

Natalia and Oleg Kuznetsov

Once again, from the bottom of our hearts we would like to thank you and the whole team for the good-natured attitude, sincerity and excellent organization of the holiday. We wish you development, prosperity and success.

We understand what a huge labor force and, in General, the soul You have put in to create (just create) them all. Obviously, not everything is as simple as it seems, but believe me, it is visible and very much appreciated. Once again, thank you for everything.

I look forward to meeting and developing long-term relationships.



Was on a tour of Teriberka on the November holidays. They were impressed by the Northern nature. The work of the meeting party was perfectly organized . It was felt that it was really important for Alexei (our guide) that we were interested and, most importantly, comfortable to arrive on this wonderful and harsh land.

We managed to make a wonderful journey to the Edge of the Earth. It is truly a pity that this trip lasted for such a short time, because it was not possible to visit all that I wanted. On the other hand, it is an absolute reason to return! Thank you all for the pleasure and positive emotions.

Arina Petrenko

This is by far the most unforgettable journey and experience of my life! We saw a very bright Northern light while we were there. It was magical!!!  We showed faith, a way of life of the Saami, prepared traditional soup with elk, and we went on a Reindeer! We stayed in a hotel in Murmansk.

Family Shevelevs

Unusual winter fun and fun games! I really liked it, great program and fantastic atmosphere! I recommend to all!

You should definitely visit, especially with children!

Irina Sergeeva

The allotted to get acquainted with the life of modern indigenous people of the far North flies unnoticed. Was the second time and the second time mentally rested. Petting zoo — Yes, a highlight))) the banana boat ride for an Amateur, but the girls were all happy! Be sure to come back again, thanks for the hospitality!

Natalia D.


About the village Teriberka think many have not even heard. However, today it is the only place in Russia where you can drive to see the Arctic ocean.

Although the village is almost on the edge of the earth, it is a great place for those who want to truly understand the beauty of the Northern nature.

Alexander and Elena

Thank you very much for a great time and good company. To visit such unexplored places, to learn the story of which I had no idea, to hear a lot of legends and myths and just stories from life. Enjoy the picturesque places, fishing, take a ride on a boat "with the wind", touch the stones with ancient rock paintings and see the alleged place of ancient civilization - it was amazing. The best and most memorable of our holidays. And all thanks to you!


My husband and I were on tour to Seidozero on snowmobiles. We really, really, REALLY enjoyed it!!! Although we were not able to go all the way and turned back early, so as not to freeze his feet (it was -30))) but even these impressions we had enough! Amazing Northern nature, the beauty is impossible! Weather was very extreme - my husband liked to go in a snowstorm))) When we are in your latitudes, will try again to get to you!

Elena I.


We have visited as if in Paradise Northern of nature. Children are happy, of course, dream to come back as soon as possible. Ear just the original and mulled wine just healing, it seems tasty I did not eat or drink. Huskies are magical animals like people. Never liked dogs, but huskies especially where the label Indie, there's a dark coat husky and blue eyes, he stood out from all, very calm, posed, when photographed, HANDSOME WITH a GLOSSY MAGAZINE COVER. Thank you very much for your attentiveness, kindness and warm hospitality. Be sure to come back if possible)